All trades and businesses have become so customised and specialised today that it is impossible for anybody to find the perfect plastic utensil. These days the word ‘plastic’ itself and the cavalier fashion of disposal of plastic goods have become anathema to environmentalists.
The greatest care must be taken with using and reusing plastic with emphatic focus placed on the greening of our environment. SNV plastics is one of the premier PET bottle suppliers around and not only does it make and supply custom designed bottles, it will teach you how to produce your own. We do not only provide, we empower!

In our company much emphasis is placed on relationship building, honesty and loyalty between us and our clients and between all of us and our fragile environment. PET bottle suppliers cannot afford to be blasé and lackadaisical about recycling and re-purposing in today’s world. In order to remain a responsible, respected company that is dedicated to leaving as small a carbon footprint as possible, we must lead the field in recyclables.

Because plastics are not biodegradable, items must be manufactured responsibly, disposed of in recycling depots or re-purposed by being used ingeniously as something other than their original intention. Only a dash of imagination and social commitment is needed to prevent our world from becoming overrun with discarded plastic detritus. We at SNV Plastics pride ourselves on producing plastic items that will last years, as well as create a minimal footprint on the environment.