If you are looking to partner with one of the leading PET bottle suppliers in South Africa, then look no further than SNV Plastics. We are one of the leaders in the plastic bottle solutions sector in South Africa. Our speciality lies in the manufacturing and supplying of plastic bottles, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles and PET performs.


We are dedicated to providing each of our valued clients with a personalised service tailored to meet their specific and unique requirements. Our team will design and manufacture bottles to your specifications, while consistently delivering the service excellence that you’ve come to expect from an industry leader such as SNV Plastics.


Offering Leading Products and Services to the Plastics Industry


SNV Plastics is a leading hybrid company, offering both a service and a product. We manufacture and design quality bottles, but we can also assist our clients in setting up and establishing their own bottling plant. These industry leading solutions will also provide you with savings of up to 30% in bottle costing.


We have a dedicated team of seasoned industry experts at the ready to provide each of our clients with the tailored services and assistance they need to perform well in their industries. We combine our knowledge, teamwork and expertise to assist our clients with all their requirements and provide industry leading advice and services. Our products and services are efficient and continue to add value to the businesses of our clients. Contact us to learn more about our industry leading solutions and to find out how your business can benefit from partnering with SNV Plastics.