We at SNV Plastics are South Africa’s top plastic bottle manufacturers. Not only are our PET bottles hardy, they are also fully recyclable. Plastic bottles are one of the easiest ways to transport everything from water to tomato sauce. After you’ve finished your delicious tomato sauce, be sure to recycle or reuse your bottles. Read below to find out what else you can use plastic bottles for.

Slice your bottles in half and use them as pots

By cutting the top off of your bottles, you are free to fill the bottles with soil and plant seeds in them. After careful watering and a few weeks of patience, you will start to see shoots coming through the soil. This is a great project for your kids to take on.

Turn your bottles into bird feeders

By slicing a hole in the side of your bottle, adding a few sticks, and filling it with bird seed, you can feed your local birds. Hang your feeder from a tree and be sure to top it up when the seed runs low.

Turn your old bottles into watering cans

By poking numerous holes in the lid of your bottle, you can create a watering can. Fill the bottle up with water and screw the lid back on. Now off you go to water your garden.

Plastic bottle manufacturers can create almost any shape or size when it comes to bottles. The important thing is to reuse your bottles to lessen your impact on the environment.